Our Story

We are two cousins born and raised in Quito, Ecuador.  We created Finessar in 2016 with one goal – To share our culture through exceptional handmade Ecuadorian products. 

So what is Finessar?

Finessar is a combination of two words:  Finesse and Artisan.  Ecuador has amazing artisans who produce high quality textiles and jewelry.  The unique vivid colors, designs and fabrics express the warmth and beauty of our Ecuadorian culture.   Our focus is to share this feeling with our guests through our products. 

Finessar shares the values that we were raised on and also nourishes from our day to day experiences.  As little kids we learned to be proud of where we come from and to be open to learn from others.  We work hard to incorporate these values into our brand.

Nicolás Pástor Co-Founder

I was born in Quito, which is a city located in the heart of the Andean mountains in Ecuador at 9,350 feet of altitude!  I enjoyed growing up surrounded by beautiful mountains and colorful landscapes.  I spent my first 18 years in this amazing country before moving to France for college. I must admit that, while I enjoyed living 10 years in the land of great wine and smelly (but very tasty) cheese, I always had the desire to come back to my roots.  I really missed Ecuador's marvelous people, excellent food and culture, and how nature blends with its beautiful cities. This is why in the summer of 2015, I came back home with an idea  in mind.  I wanted to start a project that would allow me to share the Ecuadorian culture while helping local communities develop.  My cousin Pablo and I share this same passion so we decided to create Finessar!

Pablo Eguez Co-Founder

I was very fortunate to be born and raised in Ecuador!  We are a very small country in South America but I am still amazed of our diversity and how much we have to offer.  Growing up, I loved to hike in some of the highest mountains in the Andes, explore the jungle and relax at the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen.  Not to mention the endless memories of enjoying the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands. Our people, customs and folklore are very diverse too, which was an inspiration to create Finessar.  Today, I live in Minneapolis MN but I’ve always been connected to Ecuador.  Being away from home has encouraged me to share my culture with others who haven’t been exposed to it.